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PCSX2 Plugin Direct3D 11: The Ultimate Graphics Plugin for PS2 Games on PC

this tab contains settings for the audio properties. audio is not required for pcsx2 to work but its use is not recommended for either stability reasons or performance. again, if you want to use those settings, then choose audio submenu of the pcsx2 main menu.

pcsx2 plugin direct3d 11 download updated

it is possible that you have a game that is using direct3d too, and this is reflected here by the direct3d option. however, if your game is using d3d then you should disabled this option, otherwise many games will crash and you will need to go back to enabld3d option in order to play them again. however, direct3d might also be used for some game effects and audio or video is also necessary in some cases. if your game needs direct3d then you might want to try disabling it, but leave the option enabled.

as the graphics of the ps2 was rendered using cpu and ps2 controllers were manipulated using ps2 controllers options most of the settings has to be enabled/disabled on ps2 controllers tab. additionally you can enable any fix/hack/script/hack/etc on the ps2 controllers tab that you want pcsx2 to apply to the ps2 controller's data. make sure you set the sample rate of ps2 input to your pc video cards correct sampling rate. one of the common glitches in ps2 games is that the controls are constantly overwritten. also make sure ps2 controllers slider is set to use controller input, otherwise you will experience constant jumping of the controls/camera on many games.

on the memory tab you should enable only the amount of cpu memory you have on your machine. the more you have, the more you can leave on the video card for other features. however, watch out for the thresholds. on some systems the memory value will be rounded and some will even have exact values set. if you get a "no memory to allocate" error, check your memory values on this tab. pcsx2's cpu cache is allocated by default from ram. you can change this to use the memory/harddrive instead by changing the cachesize slider. the default cache size is 31mb which is not enough for many ps2 games. if you want more than 31mb, you can increase it or change it to not use cache. cache_used is the amount of cache you are using (this is also shown in the top right corner of settings window).


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