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How Can I Get My Facebook Password Sent To My Email Address

This is a prevalent scenario that happens to Facebook users nearly every day. It could be a nefarious link that you clicked on at some point or even a phishing email you opened. Whatever the cause, a hacker somehow gained access to your Facebook password and started contacting all of your Facebook family and friends to get them to click on a malicious link as well.

how can i get my facebook password sent to my email address

There may be times when you go to sign in to Facebook but can't seem to remember the email address or password you used when creating your account. Luckily, Facebook makes it easy to recover your account information.

When you go through the process of sending a photo of your ID to be verified and you receive the email from Facebook confirming your ID is accepted with a link to reset your password, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IN THE EMAIL!!!! Instead, follow the instructions further down in the email which says something along the lines of

Hey Elaine!Same happened to me about 3 weeks ago! Even though I was able to send my ID and for Facebook to recognized it (also I was able to change the email as the hacker has changed to one of his own) FB did contact me via email, send me a code but this code never worked :(. I regained my password but as the 2F Authenticator was enable by the hacker, I guess they are still getting this second code that I need to log in into my account. I wonder if FB would ever respond my email (as they where the ones initiating the communication) on this email it said: If you have any questions please respond on this email..

I have been off facebook since June 2022 and I finally changed the email and password to the account In July but now this 2FA is turned on I need it to be turned off so I can enter my new phone number!

They changed the email and phone number associated with my account, and enabled two factor authentication under their phone number.I have been able to change the email back to mine, and have changed my password, but to fully access my account I need to enter a code from the Code Generator.The only way to access this code is either from in the account already, or from a third party app- which they hooked up to their phone number.

Hi Shelley whats happened to you is word for word whats happened to me since 5th of june , i have an oculas attached to my fb as its my daughters so im going down that route and contacted to report fb for data protection breech as after submitting my passport i still cant access the account due to needing a login code but then it says i can reset my password and shows me my new email address and underneth the hackers totally breaching my security its disgusting ,i also have written to fb ireland and was told by ico .org that they have 8 weeks to reply ,i will try everything to get my account bk its 13 years old and has all my late fathers pictures on i dont have now,i feel paranoid everyday and scared as i already have severe anxiety i just feel targeted ,i reported the hacking to action for fraud too which everyone should do as thats what there for ,ive sent my passport repeatedly since and now its not recognised and sends me an instant message to my email bk saying they cant accept it ,honestly feel im going around in circles

At the moment it appears to be a lottery as to who gets back in; a few people have succeeded using the forms or other techniques, but it appears that most are still locked out. I have just sent you an email with more information.

Was the email address from facebook long and looked suspicious. I got an email from this just seems like a scam email but they emailed me to an alternative email address that I gave to oculus customer service.

So not only have i been completely hacked on my fb it looks like i have now sent my passport to them also as i had sent repeated emails to fb i thought they had actually replied to me so i corresponded and sent my passport as they advised ,no reply day 5 ,upon looking more closely at the email i received ive now seen the addess it has come from looks dodgy ,i just dont know what to do now my anxiety is through the roof ,Facebook is the email address i received the message from ,anyone any ideas of what i should do now thanks Dee

Hi rocky when i rang action for fraud they told me this was a definite hackers email adreess with all the letters before it ,i havent heard anything from anywhere i have an oculas to begin with ,with games attached to my fb 37 messages to them and still not bk on ,can you please double check the email you received from that address was it addressd to you by name ,mine wasnt ,and it ended in just thanks with no department which again action for fraud said is a tell tale sign also the fb logo was pink ,ive been really upset over this as i feel hackers now have my passport number on top of everything else

I have the same situation. I was hacked around May 23rd, and I was eventually able to submit my ID to restore my password and change my email. There is still the 2fa though. I bought my Oculus on June 23rd and started the process with their support team. I submitted my information to that strange Facebook address on June 24th. Your post gives me hope. I did receive another email saying that they apologize that they had not had time to review my case yet and that it would be handled in the order that it was received. This was on June 26th.

Hi Andrea was the email with a pink fb logo and was it addressed to you as mine wasnt and it ended with thanks and no department ,ive been worried sick over this thinking hackers now have my passport also it gives me Hope that maybe it was genuine, dee

Omg guys im bk on fb ,took me 5 weeks persisting im so happy to get my 13 year account bk ,the email i got from fb after oculas said fb would contact me must of been genuine and they finally got me bk on and removed the two factor authentication ,the account was reset to my original email address and all the security was blank apart from that email ,i was hacked on june 5th ,really really happy

Hi if you are trying to login with the hackers email then id presume fb think that you have access to that email address and cud send correspondence there ,i had no contact from any of those emails you mention ive even written to fb ireland ,as your account is still showing the hackers email after you have sent your passport to fb then that is a breech of your data protection ,please raise this with they will take your complaint on and contact fb for you just fill in your complaint and issue on there site they are above fb ,im over a month locked out of my account and still no luck i have an oculas too since dec and still cant get help from either company

Hi try find your account by your name and go thst route as mine was the same as yours the hackers changed my email address ,and everythilng else ,i went on find my account and my pic was there and then sent my id that route unfortunately i still couldbt get it after passport verification as fb left the two factor still on it ,i got bk in 2 days ago after a month of messages to oculas as we already had an oculas on there since dec 20 ,ill be honest i wrote to fb ireland even and had zero reply from fb emails or letter it was only through oculas after 45 messages between me and them i got anywhere ,its a disgrace such a large global company get away with this ,i reported them to data protection as there security is none existing ,i have found groups on fb promoting hacking and how todo it theres hundreds ,one group had 22,000 in it ,yet swear on there your banned its a joke

They have likely changed your email address associated with your fb so it no longer exists on there system ,this is what happened to me, i went to find my account ,then entered my name it showed a pic pf me and asked is this you i clicked then went to the upload id section ,hope this helps Dee

Hi mine was hacked this way too ,i also never got an email to say they changed my email address ,you need to go on locate my fb acount without email you find my name and go from there following the steps ,everything on mine was changed ,it took me 5 weeks to get bk in ,i already had an oculas since dec so i went through oculas support ,it still took me 5 weeks and about 60 emails ,try upload your id from the way i sed first ,it may work for you

Oculus said they would pass this info to the Facebook Team. You also have to supply an email account not linked to your Facebook account in any way. So I created a new Facebook account. 2 wks passed, then Oculus said Facebook cannot reach out to me as the email I had provided was linked to my Facebook account. This I could not understand!! So I created another email address and Oculus said they would pass this on.

Well done!! Am thoroughly disgusted with Facebook and their lack of response especially when such sensitive, private and personal info is being sent to them. I have alreasybsigned the petition were it is nearing the signatures required that someone will have to sit up and take notice. In the meantime would you please forward the email address of Information Commissioners Office and I will send in my concerns also.

Hi I had some anxiety on my PC and set up a facebook code via Microsoft Authenticator app as extra security after putting in password,to my horror I reset my phone and the codes i had were lost. In saying this I do have some strong suspicions due to other security issues ive had that efforts have been made from possible hackers i do not get my account back,however I know my facebook account has not gone as I still get friend updates via email. Ive contacted Oculus support but I doubt them like everything else at the moment. I get responses from facebook I can not use this feature anymore as ive sent passport national insurance number and any other desperate measure I can think of. I could write a sadistic horror fim with facebook team getting a huge pleasure out of having absolute power and an ego trip. I am exempt from work on medical grounds and mentally I have been really stretched this past six weeks


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