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Last Emperor The Palace Of The Pretender Rar

Constantine the Great moved the capital (Caput Mundi) from Rome to Constantinople, formerly known as Byzantium, in 330 AD and converted to Christianity. After this, the emperor came to be seen as God's chosen ruler, as well as a special protector and leader of the Christian Church on Earth, although in practice an emperor's authority on Church matters was subject to challenge. The Western Roman Empire collapsed in the late 5th century after multiple invasions of imperial territory by Germanic barbarian tribes. Romulus Augustulus is often considered to have been the last emperor of the West, until his forced abdication in 476, although Julius Nepos maintained a claim recognized by the Eastern Empire to the title until his death in 480. Following Nepos's death, the Eastern emperor Zeno abolished the division of the position and proclaimed himself as the sole emperor of a reunited Roman Empire. The subsequent Eastern emperors ruling from Constantinople continued to style themselves "Emperor of the Romans" (later βασιλεύς Ῥωμαίων in Greek), but are often referred to in modern scholarship as Byzantine emperors.

Last Emperor The Palace Of The Pretender Rar

The papacy and Germanic kingdoms of the West acknowledged the Eastern Emperors until the accession of Empress Irene in 797 and the Papacy then created a rival lineage of Roman emperors in western Europe, the Holy Roman Emperors, which ruled the Holy Roman Empire for most of the period between 800 and 1806. These emperors were never recognized as Roman emperors by the court in Constantinople and their coronations resulted in the medieval problem of two emperors. Most western historians treat Constantine XI Palaiologos, who died during the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire in 1453 as the last meaningful claimant to the title Roman emperor. From 1453, one of the titles used by the Ottoman Sultans was "Caesar of Rome"[4] part of their titles until the Ottoman Empire ended in 1922. A Byzantine group of claimant Roman emperors existed in the Empire of Trebizond until its conquest by the Ottomans in 1461, though they had used a modified title since 1282.

Modern historians conventionally regard Augustus as the first emperor, whereas Julius Caesar is considered the last dictator of the Roman Republic, a view having its origins in the Roman writers Plutarch, Tacitus and Cassius Dio.[5] Conversely, the majority of Roman writers, including Josephus, Pliny the Younger, Suetonius and Appian, as well as most of the ordinary people of the Empire, thought of Julius Caesar as the first emperor.[6]

Nero was followed by a succession of usurpers throughout 69, commonly called the "Year of the Four Emperors". The last of these, Vespasian, established his own Flavian dynasty. Nerva, who replaced the last Flavian emperor, Vespasian's son Domitian in 96, was elderly and childless, and chose therefore to adopt an heir, Trajan, from outside his family. When Trajan became emperor, he chose to follow his predecessor's example, adopting Hadrian as his own heir, and the practice then became the customary manner of imperial succession for the next century, producing the Five Good Emperors and the Empire's period of greatest stability.

The accession of Maximinus Thrax in 235 marks both the close and the opening of an era. It was one of the last attempts by the increasingly impotent Roman Senate to influence the succession. Yet it was the second time that a man become emperor purely as a result of his military career; both Vespasian and Septimius Severus had come from noble or middle-class families while Thrax was born a commoner. He never visited the city of Rome during his reign,[18] which marks the beginning of a series of barracks emperors who came from the army. Between 235 and 285 over a dozen men became emperor, but only Valerian and Carus managed to secure their own sons' succession to the throne; both dynasties died out within two generations.

Theodosius I acceded to power in the East in 379 and in the West in 394. He outlawed paganism and made Christianity the Empire's official religion. He was the last emperor to rule over a united Roman Empire; the distribution of the East to his son Arcadius and the West to his son Honorius after his death in 395 represented a permanent division.

This line of Roman emperors was actually generally Germanic rather than Roman. These emperors used a variety of titles (most frequently Imperator Augustus) before finally settling on Imperator Romanus Electus ("Elected Roman Emperor"). Historians customarily assign them the title Holy Roman Emperor, which has a basis in actual historical usage, and treat their Holy Roman Empire as a separate institution. To Latin Catholics of the time, the Pope was the temporal authority as well as spiritual authority, and as Bishop of Rome he was recognized as having the power to anoint or crown a new Holy Roman Emperor. The last man to be crowned by the pope (although in Bologna, not Rome) was Charles V, who also had a claim to the throne of the Byzantine Empire through Andreas Palaiologos's designation of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile as his heirs.[27][28][29] All his successors bore only a title of "Elected Roman Emperor".

This line of emperors lasted until 1806 when Francis II dissolved the empire during the Napoleonic Wars. Despite the existence of later potentates styling themselves "emperor", such as the Napoleons, the Habsburg Emperors of Austria, and the Hohenzollern heads of the German Reich, this marked the end of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Hakar are the original settlers of Hakarraya, taming the lands as per decree of the First Selem Empire and the last remnants of the ancient realm. As the Empire fell, local governors and nobles became petty princes and kings, deliberately muddling the true origins and history of their people while propagating the central authority, an all-powerful god-like emperor. The Hakar kingdoms declared war on one another many times over the centuries after the fall of the First Empire, aggrandizing the Old Selem Emperors as living gods and the new kings the inheritors of their divine grace. This has led to heavily idolized, absolute god-kings who maintain an iron-fisted rule over their war-weary nations. Today, only a handful of Hakar Kingdoms remain, each claiming to be led by the one true god-emperor, entrenched in deep rivalry with each other. Although open warfare is all but impossible, they still try to outdo each other with huge displays of wealth and "proof" of godhood, and in recent years have begun hosting dangerous exosuit bloodsports, simultaneously serving as a method of early release for lesser convicts, as field testing for weapons and armor research, and semi-secretly as a recruitment program for Rhemazar private military companies supplying the Hakar with the aforementioned weapons for development. As a result of the earliest Siik and Njarjirii settlers' interbreeding the Hakar are a little taller on average than the Siik and more lightly built, sometimes described as gaunt-looking by Zarrayans even when healthy. They speak Hakari, a bastardized version of ancient Selem.

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