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Where Can You Buy Kate Spade !!INSTALL!!

Each pair of Kate Spade frames features the familiar spade-shaped logo or 'Kate Spade - New York' playfully incorporated into the temple design—a stylish, unique fashion print. Discover cat-eye sunglasses in classic tortoiseshell caramels, or a pretty pink version of the traditional pattern. You'll find Kate Spade prescription eyeglasses frames in classic silhouettes, as well as eyewear that delivers more drama with sculpted temple arms and bright inlays. The line's Joshelle and Dahlia sunglasses are playful twists on the classic aviator, and the Leticia Us glasses frames showcase fun polka dots and lively colors.

where can you buy kate spade

The campaign features five neighbours who come together in their New York townhouse: a writer, a painter, a chef, a musician, and a craftswoman. These personalities are reflected in the virtual townhouse, where shoppers can listen to Kate Spade's playlists and download a colouring book, among other interactive activities. Photo: Nadine Ijewere, courtesy of Kate Spade

In the fall of 2016, Regina and I joined forces to build a community around this brand. We believed it was no coincidence that the initials of Urban Southern spelled US. We felt excited that women from every walk of life connected with this brand. We knew this brand would be much bigger than the two of us and we decided that true, honest friendship resided at the core of its values. We dreamt of how this brand could live on to empower the lives of women everywhere.

As we grow, we continue to refine our process and our products. We are committed to designing bags from authentic, full-grain leather in the southern United States. The southern aspect of our brand creates a feeling of comfort and relatability where everyone is welcome.

Launched in 1993 by founders Kate Brosnahan and her husband Andy Spade, the brand originally started out as a handbag line and has since expanded into clothing, jewelry, stationery and gifts. Known for its exuberant approach to everyday style, kate spade new york encourages personal style with a dash of incandescent charm. Expect statement dresses, vibrant swimwear and sophisticated workwear staples.

The companies, both based in New York, have battled a retail environment that has been challenging, especially for designers with significant exposure to department stores, where traffic has declined. U.S.-based luxury brands are also hurt by a strong U.S. dollar.

Coach does plan to expand Kate Spade outside the U.S., particularly in China and Europe, where the brand has a few dozen stores and outlets. And Mr. Luis said there is an opportunity to buy out some joint venture partners or distributors in those regions. 041b061a72


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